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The Benefits of Green Energy Tariffs

The world as a whole is becoming more conscious of the damage that we as a race are doing to the plant and therefore that changes need to be made. The consumer is the most powerful force in the business world and this growth in consciousness has created a demand for more sustainable, more harmonious energy sources or, as it is down, the green tariff. We hear the phrase more and more but just what does it really mean.

A green tariff is, quite simply, an energy supply aiming to lower the country’s current carbon footprint through more sustainable and more ethical ways of operating. Currently our government dictates that all suppliers are obliged to include some renewable electricity in their mix, but a green tariff is perfect for those who want to see this obligation pushed even further.

Such a tariff means that some or all of the electricity that you buy is balanced out by the purchases of energy from renewable sources that the supplier is obliged to make. No two green tariffs are exactly alike but in general they will buy their power from wind or solar farms with biomass and hydro-electric generation also contributing to this reduction of the carbon footprint. It is worth noting that ten years ago around a third of this country’s electricity came from coal-fired power plants. Today, the few which remain contribute only about 3% to that total. Some green tariffs will also provide a nuclear free option.

But as well as providing an energy supply which might better fit a customer’s concerns for the environment it has the added advantage of sending a message to the “powers that be,” that is, the big power companies, the lobbyists and, ultimately, the government itself. It says that a growing number of people wish to avoid electricity generated via fossil fuels and would rather embrace a system where energy is gathered in ways more sympathetic and less impactful to the earth, from water, wind and sunshine.

If this sounds like a more ethical way forward, one which fits your own view of how the world should embrace the future, there are plenty of companies who will do the switching for you and with the rise in such a mind-set, such a move is not only better for the planned it is most often better for the wallet too. And as always it pays to do a little research and make sure that the tariff you choose matches your own preferences, some will be from 100% renewable sources, others will be a mix of green and brown (fossil fuel derived) supplies. As always there is enough competition to find the package that best works for you and as the market share of renewable energy increases, even more options will certainly become available.