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Switching Dual Fuel Suppliers

You may have heard the phrase Dual Fuel with increasing frequency of late and thought that it was just another marketing phrase or gimmick thought up by the energy supply companies. But dual fuel is actually a worthy step forward in making a customers life easier. Quite simply, dual fuel means that you receive your gas and electricity for the same supplier instead of the more usual and current practice of having to deal with two different companies, two sets of bills, two help lines and and two of everything else associated with your households energy needs.

But not only does a move to a dual fuel supplier mean that you cut down on the administration, it often means that, like anything done on a larger scale, there are savings to be had. Many companies also offer a discount when you sign up to the new scheme, usually in the form of a monthly reduction. So cheaper costs, only one set of bills, often on the same statement and one point of contact. What’s not to like about that?

And if you think that switching is a time-consuming and fiddly business then you might be surprised by just how easy it is to make the change. With such competition for customers in the energy marketing, supply companies are going out of their way to make any changes that a customer wants as easy as possible and dual fuels switch-overs are no different. As always, the customer is king.

The best approach is to make a few enquires of your own, run a few searches on-line and check out what best suits your needs and, of course, where the best savings are and you can apply on-line with the input of just a few pieces of information…postcode, current expenditure and the like. After that the company you have chosen will do the rest and you probably won’t even notice the difference until a different looking bill asking for less money than usual comes through the door or drops into your inbox.

So what is the difference between the energy supplied by the dual fuel supplier and the system that you are currently on? Well, nothing really. You get the same gas, the same electricity, the revolutionary thing about the dual system is in convenience for all concerned, not just you the customer but also for the energy supplier and a more efficient supplier makes for a less costly business and those savings can be passed on to the customer. Throw in the option to pay by direct debit or be billed via a paperless plan and there is even more money to be saved.

They say that two heads are better than one but perhaps in this case one head keeps things simpler and more organised…not to mention cheaper.