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Everyone should have the right to pay a fair price for energy. Auto-switch with us and enjoy simple switching and the lowest prices year after year.

We Get You the Best Deal

According to Ofgem, the average household in the UK pays around £1100 a year for its gas and electricity - that is if they are on the energy supplier's standard variable tariff. This is not always the cheapest option, so PostCode Energy will find you the best deal among the suppliers serving your area, and could save you a lot of money.

What is a Standard Variable Tariff?

Let's say you were offered a great deal by your current energy supplier, but that has come to an end. Your energy supplier will automatically switch you to their Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). Very often, this is the most expensive way of getting your electricity and gas, so if you are on an SVT, PostCode Energy can almost certainly save you money.

From your postcode, we will compare the different deals available to you, and advise you of the best one for you.

Some Handy Tips on Energy Costs and How to Save Money

At PostCode Energy we can help you find the cheapest energy deal, but there are other ways you can cut down on your energy costs. Here are a few handy tips you might want to think about!

  • Make sure you switch off lights when they are not necessary, and check that appliances are also turned off.
  • Check how your heating is set - is it heating the house when nobody is in? This is a common way of using more energy than is necessary.
  • Make sure your home is correctly insulated - a great deal of heat can be lost through poor insulation, which is money down the drain!
  • If you have older appliances - especially washing machines, dryers and fridge-freezers - be aware that great advances have been made in energy efficiency with these appliances in recent years, so it might be worth checking out new ones.

There are many more energy-saving tips that we could mention - keep the heat in your pans when cooking by using a lid, turn your heating down a fraction, and use a cooler setting on your washing machine - but the best one is to search for a cheaper tariff, so put your postcode in at PostCode Energy right now, and let's get the ball rolling!

Is it cheaper to have dual fuel tariff?

Dual fuel tariffs are when gas and electricity are provided by the same supplier on one contract.

This is likely to be the most convenient option and can work out cheaper.

It's always worth checking to see if you can get a better deal with separate tariffs.

Where are my gas and electricity meters?

Your meters will either be on one of your outside walls or inside the property - perhaps in your porch or cupboard.

If you're living in a flat, your meters will usually be grouped together in a communal space.

Struggling to find your meter? The previous occupant, estate agent, landlord or letting agency can help you.

What is a cooling-off period?

A cooling-off period gives you the right to change your mind after you sign up to a new energy deal.

You'll have 14 days to cancel your deal without having to pay any extra charges.

Just call up your new provider and let them know.

How long does it take to switch?

In September 2018, the average switching time was 16 days for electricity and 18 days for gas, according to Ofgem.

It should take no more than 21 days for you to be fully switched.

If you haven't heard anything from your provider after this time, give them a call.

Over ONE MILLION “electricity” supplier switches were made in 2020

According to Energy UK [†]

How to make your energy bills cheaper

In January 2019, the cheapest available dual fuel tariff was around £930 a year, according to Ofgem.

But how much your energy bills cost will depend on the amount you use and the price your provider charges you for it.

You could easily slice the price by following our top tips.

  1. Switch off

    Turn lights and appliances off when they're not needed

  2. Keep the draughts out

    Use draught excluders to keep your home warm and cosy

  3. Set your heating for the right time

    Don't leave the radiators on while no one is home

  4. Drop it low

    Wash your clothes at lower temperatures

  5. Get rid of old appliances

    Newer one generally have better energy ratings

  6. Make your own

    Solar panels and wind turbines could help

  7. Smartie pants

    Use a smart meter to keep and eye on how much energy you're using

  8. Read your bills

    If you spot an issue, let your provider know asap

  9. Put a lid on it

    Your saucepans that is - it can help keep the heat in

  10. Shop around

    Always see if you can get a better price by comparing deals

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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that people often ask, so we'll answer them for you!

PostCode Energy will find you the best deal available, and if this happens to be a dual-fuel tariff - in which one energy supplier provides both gas and electricity - then we will tell you. It is often the cheapest way, but we will also check for cheaper options.

You're not alone - it's far from unusual for homeowners to be unaware of where their meters are! In some homes, the meters can be found in boxes on an external wall - have a look and you should notice them, they'll be on the lower part of the wall for easy access.

You're not alone - it's far from unusual for homeowners to be unaware of where their meters are! In some homes, the meters can be found in boxes on an external wall - have a look and you should notice them, they'll be on the lower part of the wall for easy access.

For your peace of mind, you have 14 days in which you can change your mind should you do so. All you have to do is let the energy supplier you were going to switch to know.

According to Ofgem - the government body that regulates energy suppliers - it takes 16 days to switch an electricity supplier, and 18 days for gas. If you have not been informed the switch has taken place after 21 days, you should contact the supplier. At no point during this period will you be left without gas or electricity.